Product Summary

The CY7C342B-15RMB is a 128-Macrocell max EPLD. It is divided into 8 Logic Array Blocks (LABs), 16 per LAB. There are 256 expander product terms, 32 per LAB, to be used and shared by the macrocells within each LAB.


CY7C342B-15RMB absolute maximum ratings: (1)Storage Temperature: –65 to+150℃; (2)Ambient Temperature with Power Applied: 0 to+70℃; (3)Maximum Junction Temperature (under bias): 150℃; (4)Supply Voltage to Ground Potential: -3.0V to+7.0V; (5)Maximum Power Dissipation: 2500 mW; (6)DC VCC or GND Current: 500 mA; (7)DC Output Current per Pin: -25 mA to+25 mA.


CY7C342B-15RMB features: (1)128 macrocells in 8 LABs; (2)8 dedicated inputs, 52 bidirectional I/O pins; (3)Programmable interconnect array; (4)Advanced 0.65-micron CMOS technology to increase performance; (5)Available in 68-pin HLCC, PLCC, and PGA.


CY7C342B-15RMB block diagram